National Community Education Association

The National Community Education Association (NCEA) is the advocate on the national level for community educators around the nation. Along with providing area and regional workshops and institutes, NCEA holds an annual conference, generally in December. NCEA employs an executive director and operates an executive office in Fairfax, Virginia. NCEA publishes a quarterly professional journal, THE COMMUNITY EDUCATION JOURNAL. The executive director promotes the community education concept and works to network among other national education related associations. Membership in NCEA is open to everyone with an interest in community education. An annual conference (Multi-state/NCEA Region #6) highlighting the role of advisory council members is conducted each June in Brainerd, Minnesota, for the six states comprising Region #6 of the NCEA- Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. This conference has an excellent reputation spanning 20 years. NCEA Region #6 members also elect a regional representative to the NCEA Board of Directors.

Iowa Center for Community Education
Located at the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Center for Community Education (ICCE) supports community education throughout the state. Established by funding from a grant provided by the Mott Foundation, the ICCE distributes literature about community education to interested individuals and groups and provides site visits for community and school groups interested in the community education concept. Information about the ICCE may be obtained by contacting

National Center for Community Education
Located in Flint, Michigan, the National Center for Community Education (NCCE) offers three formats of leadership training opportunities for U.S. and international participants to formulate a conceptual framework for community education and to explore unique models, develop skills, view films and written materials and interact with outstanding practitioners. The primary role of NCCE is to assist groups and individuals in developing approaches for more effectively working within their communities. Information about NCCE may be obtained by calling toll-free (800) 811-1105 or visiting the website.

National Council of State Community Education Associations
The National Council of State Community Education Associations (NCSCEA) is a committee within the National Community Education Association (NCEA). Each state community education association that has an affiliate membership in NCEA is allowed one liaison to this council. The purpose of the council is to strengthen state associations through networking and training and to act as a grassroots voice to the NCEA. NCSCEA meets for one week during July, and for one day immediately preceding the NCEA National Conference. The state liaison to NCSCEA also acts as the state delegate to the Delegate Assembly held at the National Conference. 

International Community Education Association
The International Community Education Association (ICEA) works to raise the consciousness and encourage the initiative of people around the world “in identifying needs and problems in their local communities and in planning and implementing programs, services, and facilities which will improve the quality of life.” ICEA promotes the practice of community education globally, enjoys consultative status with UNESCO and the Council of Europe, and sponsors a World Conference every four years (2000, 2004, etc.). Located in Great Britain, the ICEA may be contacted at Lyng Hall, Blackberry Lane, Coventry CV2 3JS, England; phone #0203 638670/fax #0203 681161.

Institute for Character Development

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