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What is Community Education?

Community Education is a simple idea, bringing to mind the days when the little red schoolhouse functioned, not just as a place to teach children, but as a center for community activities. Community Education takes a similar approach to education and community improvement in that it seeks to coordinate education, recreation, and social service providers in the community in order to better serve community residents and improve the quality of life for all.

Community Education extends the concept of public education beyond the traditional K-12 program known as “schooling.” Community Education is an important support program for the regular instruction program and recent school improvement reform strategies designed to increase meaningful parent and community involvement in the classroom and learning support systems for children.

Although communities vary greatly, every community has resources that can be used to meet community needs and improve the quality of life. In a community climate of communication, openness, and cooperation, traditional schools are transformed into community schools. Members of the community have the opportunity to be both teachers and learners. And many of today’s school buildings do not become isolated, underused little islands within their communities. The benefits of Community Education include increased community involvement, opportunities for lifelong learning and the efficient use of resources on a year round basis in a community.

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