Facility Usage/Scheduling

As it is taxpayer revenue that supports a school district, the community should have access to the facilities of that district.  Thus, a major component of Community Education is


The Community Education Office is the natural entity for scheduling and overseeing facility use and should see that appropriate space is made available for community use when those facilities are not in use for K-12 activities.  School Board Policy and Community Education Advisory Council Guidelines may establish fees and appropriate activities for which the school facilities may be used.

These policies and guidelines should be made available to the public so that there is a complete understanding about how and by whom the school facilities may be used.  Contractual agreements should be entered into between each user and the Community Education office stating the clear statement of how the facility will be used and outlining any and all fees associated with the facility use. This agreement should also include the responsibilities of the user regarding the use of school facilities.

The Community Education Office is responsible for keeping building administrators and custodians advised, in advance, of scheduled facility use.  Public access to a Calendar showing all community use of facilities should be made available.